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We dedicate ourselves to local business and take pride in offering affordable advertising solutions to businesses of all sizes.

On this site, you'll find:

  • Information on our 5 Radio Stations, covering Western and Central Maine
  • Information on web site services and sites we have created for our clients
  • Information on our Community Involvement
  • Directories to Local Businesses in Central and Western Maine

• Website, Radio, Internet, Email & Direct Mail Marketing


We Will . . . 

  1. Register your name on the World Wide Web & Pay for the Server.
  2. Design the Site for you and keep it updated.
  3. List your business on the following Web Directories if applicable:


We Will . .

Advertise your business on our 5 radio stations:
WOXO (92.7 & 100.7) • WEZR (1240) • WTME (780 & 1450)

LA Alerts:

We Will . .

Promote your Business on LA Alerts, our local news email that is sent out to 9,000 email addresses daily.
Will advertise your special offers which will link to your website. 


We Will . .

  1. Provide the labor to enter your customers email addresses into a database for you.
  2. Work with you to create promotions that will engage your current customers and bring in new ones.
    (e.g. Win Tickets to the Sea Dogs….Local Events, Theatre, etc.)
  3. Special offer promotions such as: ”$10 off Purchase of $100,  $20 off Purchase of $200”,

Buy one, Get one ½ Price”.  We will also register “” and post coupons that can be printed out.  We will cross promote it with radio and LA Alerts.

Direct Mail Marketing:

We Will . .

Send out Prize Certificates with special offers to the winners of our daily Call-in Contests & LA Alerts.




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